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Unlike traditional mosquito nets, Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) are designed for effective use over several years. Typically, they can maintain their insecticidal effectiveness for three to five years, greatly reducing the continuous input and effort required by residents in mosquito prevention. These nets are particularly suitable for areas with high malaria prevalence, such as sub-Saharan Africa, certain regions in Southeast Asia, and some parts of South America.The World Health Organization and many international public health organizations actively promote the use of LLINs because they have been proven to effectively reduce the rate of malaria infections and fatalities. In fact, the distribution and use of these nets are closely associated with the recent global decline in malaria infection rates.
Product description

This elegant round-top mosquito net combines practicality with aesthetics in its delicate design. Made of lightweight and breathable mesh material, it effectively keeps mosquitoes at bay, ensuring your sleep is safe and comfortable. The simple round-top style is not only easy to install but also adds a touch of romance to your bedroom. Suitable for all types of beds, whether single or double, it perfectly complements any setting. Enjoy peaceful nights and a healthy, blissful sleep experience.

Material100% Polyester
Place of OriginChina
Size1250 x 250 cm
UseHome, Outdoor, Camping, Travel
Age GroupAdults
FunctionAnti Mosquito
PackingPoly bag+paper Box +carton