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Unlike traditional mosquito nets, Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) are designed for effective use over several years. Typically, they can maintain their insecticidal effectiveness for three to five years, greatly reducing the continuous input and effort required by residents in mosquito prevention. These nets are particularly suitable for areas with high malaria prevalence, such as sub-Saharan Africa, certain regions in Southeast Asia, and some parts of South America.The World Health Organization and many international public health organizations actively promote the use of LLINs because they have been proven to effectively reduce the rate of malaria infections and fatalities. In fact, the distribution and use of these nets are closely associated with the recent global decline in malaria infection rates.
Product description

Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets come in a wide combination of sizes, colours, shapes, materials and deniers (density of fibers). Below are further details on the Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets:

                                                                                        Technical Details
Material:100% polyester (composition ISO1833)
Fabrication:Warp knitted (construction ISO 8388)
Yarn:75 or 100Denier (ISO 2060, DUPRO )
Mesh size:24-25 holes/ cm2 (156holes/inch2)
Flammability:Class 1, 16 CFR part 1610
Shrinkage:Less than 5% ( ISO5077 )
Bursting Strength:≥250Kpa or ≥350 Kpa
Hanging supports:6-8 reinforced fabric hoops
Insecticide:Deltamethrin(333) ,45-55mg/m2
Wash resistance:25 washes
Bio-efficacy:Mortality≥90%, Knock-down≥95%
Life Span:3-6 years
Size Length(cm)Width(cm)Height(cm)Small:180*100*150Medium:180*130*150 Large:180*160*150 X-Large:180*190*150

A bed net is a factory-treated mosquito net made with netting material that has insecticide incorporated within or bound around the fibres. It repels, disables and/or kills mosquitoes coming into contact with the insecticide on the netting material.  The net must retain its effective biological activity without re-treatment for at least 21 standard washes under laboratory conditions and three years of recommended use under field conditions. Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets are considered the most effective tool of prevention against malaria and, as a result, are a key pillar in the fight against the disease.